Saturday, December 18, 2010

" Let go & let God" ...

                   Today at work I almost hit my breaking point. At some point you honestly get tired of "how you could do things" or being questioned on why? I do things the way I choose because it's how I choose to, no questions. I rarely get so upset that I leave my job but today I was done. I decided to leave because I can't stand when people see me cry, esp. strangers and they were all around. After I got to Wal-mart to pick up my new awesome coleslaw recipe fixings, I calmed down. I'm just tired of being made feel as if I am not good enough for the job I am busting my ass for. Ahh!!! On a brighter note.....

               Recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with two great friends of mine, Amanda and Mariah. I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to have friends that would allow the past to be put behind us because they both bring so much joy into myself and for that I am THANKFUL!

                       As many of you may know, I am starting to struggle with my weight and how I feel about myself. I have started to get really upset when it comes to looking at the number that pops up on the scales. I know everyone tells me that it's only a number and that I look fine but I do not FEEL fine anymore, I feel uncomfortable. I feel fat. I feel ugly... and I feel like I'm ready to change this. New Years is coming up and I know everyone always says " THIS IS THE YEAR I'LL SHED THE POUNDS!!" .... well this year... this year is my year.... my year to make it happen and make a change in my life.... a change I am ready to see.

                  As many of you know, Paul and I recently decided to get a puppy. I always knew that getting a puppy is a bit of a stretch but this little guy has wore me out but I must say ... he is worth it. Diesel is a "Bug" ... a Boston terrier and pug mix. Simply ADORABLE. :) He wanted to leave a few pictures of himself to share because he got a new snazzy collar today :). God Bless everyone!!

for now, I am done. I have lots of laundry and housework calling my name.....


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 1st Blog

           I must begin this blog by saying .... the movie "Julie&Julia" inspired the creation of this blog. :)

                  I must begin my first blog by saying this is my very first blog ever and many things in my life have inspired me to begin this new adventure of "blogging". I'm quite sure no one out there in this world honestly cares about my everyday life but I feel like maybe this blog will help me vent my frustrations and keep my mind clearer than usual. I will feel very honored if anyone ever really decides to read this thing but if not, that will be OK to. I guess this is the part where I'm suppose to share my new goals that I have in my life and I have plenty to share. I recently made a promise to a great friend of mine, Jennifer Pinch, that in July of '11 I would join her in a 25 mile bike ride. I know what you are more than likely thinking, " that is a CRAZY idea", but not to me. To me this is a goal. A goal that I want to work very hard at achieving. I hope that throughout my year of training I can blog about my wins and loses to be able to read about them later. I know this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity that I am about to embark on and I'm so ready for it. Life is about taking chances and failing sometimes. :)....So I have begun a Zumba class and I absoluty love it!! Zumba is an amazing workout that makes you feel amazing after you are done. I'm sure that no one in this world is ever going to read this because no one really blogs that I know of but that's OK. I have goals and if I have to write about them everyday, I have a feeling that I will want to stick to them... :)

--Today Mom and I decided we would cook together and was it a BLAST :)! We made drunk chicken and it was amazing. I'm not much into beer but drunk chicken is amazing. I recommend this to anyone would like anything different. Anyways, my grandmother, my boyfriend Paul, and my father joined us in this great meal :). Now me and mom are ending our day in watching movies. We haven't watched movies together in so long but we decided to start using NETFLIX. I greatly recommend Julie&Julia and The Ugly Truth to anyone that enjoys somewhat of a "Chic Flick" :). Well all I have zumba in the morning and a mother who is watching a movie alone. I have greatly enjoyed writing my first blog and will def. be writing more. Love you all. God Bless! <3